We design - you play

G7th Founder Nick Campling

I’m Nick Campling the founder and chairman of the company. You may have seen me in one of our videos. Sometimes they make me wear that white lab coat!

I was trained as a design engineer and have degrees in Engineering and Industrial Design.
While you’re playing music I’m probably in my workshop working on a new capo design - or playing the guitar!

G7th CEO Noel SheehanI’m Noel Sheehan, the managing director of G7th Ltd. I sold the specialist music store that I founded and ran for 30 years so I could concentrate on capos. I look after all commercial aspects of the company. While you’re playing music I’m probably playing guitar.

Pic Chris S
I’m Chris Samwell, founder of Bluefrog Design in Leicester, UK. I make Nick’s engineering designs come to life as beautiful objects that people want to pick up and use.
While you’re playing music I’m probably thinking about changing the radius of something so small, you can hardly see it. What's a guitar?

G7th Artist Relatons SeamusI’m Séamus Brady and I’m responsible for marketing and artist relations. My wife thinks I geek-out on guitars too much, but they’re important, right?
While you’re playing music I’m probably in the audience.

G7th's Simon CamplingI’m Simon Campling and recently joined G7th to work on Social Media and artist relations with Séamus. I left teaching to concentrate on capos and escape from children!
While you’re playing music I’m probably playing guitar or drums at my church.

G7th Accounts - Chris CamplingI’m Chris Campling and I look after the finances.
While you’re playing music I’m chasing the staff for their receipts.

G7th specializes in capos.

We don't make straps or stands or anything else... Just the best capos in the World.