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Ali Deniz Kardelen

Ali Deniz Kardelen
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 "A long time has passed in my musical career. In all that time I still wonder to myself: Am I doing well? Is my music beautiful or not? I still don't really know. Maybe that's what art is...?" 

 Ali was born in Turkey and he is now living in Istanbul. After several years of playing electric guitar and producing electronic music, he has found himself in the middle of fingerstyle storm. In last summer attended by Thomas Leeb Bootcamp and Andy McKee Musicarium, Ali has got full marks from the masters such as Leeb, Mckee, Antoine Dufour, Stephen Bennett. Recording his first album at Istanbul, Ali has been performing across the Asia and Europe sides of Istanbul and beyond with his modern and ethnic approach to acoustic fingerstyle guitar. Ali has been described as "the father of fingerstyle" in Turkey.  Renowned fingerstyle guitarist, Thomas Leeb, described Ali as one of the most promising guitarists and composers in the fingerstyle world today. 
Ali is endorsed by Furch Guitars and Ernie Ball strings.