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Ally McNeilly

Ally McNeilly
Singer - Songwriter
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Performance 2 , Nashville
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Hi there, my name is Ally McNeilly and I'm a singer-songwriter from Cumbernauld (just outside Glasgow, Scotland). I am currently doing a promo run for my EP called "Why" which is set to be released on September 1st. I currently also have a song available on most online music websites called "Over" which is a track from the EP. G7th Capos are the best... from experience. What also encourages me to use G7th is when I was busking, Nick Campling (G7th Founder & Chairman) stopped and listened and supplied me my very first G7th capo which was a Performance 2. Ever since then I use the same capo. If you have any enquiries for booking then please email or phone 01236612452. Please visit my music and give me a cheeky wee like on Facebook!