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Davide Anselmi

Davide Anselmi
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Davide is a drummer, guitarist and pianist Italian than 17 years who has collaborated with the BBC the particular with the program Top Gear UK, with Hans Zimmer, Michael Tilson Thomas, San Francisco Symphony and Chester Bennington, the current singer of Linkin Park.
Since October of 2013, from winning a contest as cover drummer Mike Mangini and Dream Theater, he has closed a contract with Roadrunner Records closed after a few months of the publication of the first album called Eclipse.
From 2014 onwards the contract with Rodrunner has extended until September 2014 to the publication of the third last single as standard contract which provided protection in the online content publishing and otherwise.
In 2015 he opened his own record label Majesty Label Records, the current mastering studio Majesty Studio Ltd.