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Jeff Gunn

Jeff Gunn
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Jeff Gunn is a 2015 Juno nominated guitarist, songwriter and producer for his work on Emmanuel Jal's The Key (Gatwitch/Universal) album.
He is Toronto-based freelance guitarist who has performed and taught music in North America, Europe, Africa and Asia. 
Jeff continues to tour the globe as musical director and lead guitarist with singer/activist Emmanuel Jal (author of bestseller “Warchild”). 
He co-wrote the song “Scars” with Nelly Furtado and Emmanuel Jal, which is featured on The Good Lie (Warner Brothers) soundtrack featuring Reese Witherspoon. 

Jeff has performed at such as events/venues the One World Peace Concert for the Dalai Lama, Glastonbury and The Grammy Museum Concert Series in honor of Bob Marley and appeared on CBC, Global, CTV, Tedtalksx, Much Music, Good Day New York and many more. 

His Hidden Sounds Guitar Series (Mayfair Music Publications) is sold at stores and available at libraries throughout Canada, US, UK, South Africa, Australia, Trinidad & Tobago, Turkey, Brazil and many more. He has taken the series on tour across Canada and globally delivering interactive music workshops.

Visit Jeff's website at and follow on twitter @jeffgunn1.