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David Shiva Das

David Shiva Das
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I've been playing guitar since I was 18 years old. Started out in rock & roll bands in the Detroit area. 39 years later I am the guitarist in the spiritual music group, Vishnu Blue. I'm singing Sanskrit mantras guiding people to live good lives and love God. Along the way I've suffered 2 strokes. The first one temporarily paralyzed the left side of my body and lost control of the use of my left hand. However, through divine intervention and some hard work I completely regained use of my left hand and could play again. The second stroke paralyzed my right side and the residual affects were longer lasting. I'm still working to regain my coordination in my right arm. I've had to make adjustments in the way I play but love making music too much to ever stop. I love making people feel good inside through our music.