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Wiveton Downs

Wiveton Downs
Wiveton Downs
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Raised on England’s foggy North Norfolk coast, Wayne Russell brings a gloomy British perspective to the sun-soaked streets of Los Angeles. After eight years as lead guitarist for L.A. indie band, The Active Set, and touring nationally with the likes of Neon Trees and AWOLNATION, Russell has traded electric guitar for stripped down acoustics and folk sensibilities, re-emerging as solo act Wiveton Downs.
Named for the marshes Russell wandered as a child, Wiveton Downs explores the drudgery of city life, lost hopes and the existential ambiguity of adulthood, telling tales of disillusionment through pain-tinged nostalgia and sanguine melodies. With honest lyrics echoing Russell’s relationship to his past, his present and an uncertain future in his adopted hometown, Wiveton Downs taps into the universal struggle between losing one’s self and finding a place in the world.