Choosing a Capo

Guitar Capos: Which capo is best for you? Ultimately it's down to personal preference, as each model has its strengths and advantages.

If you can, we recommend that you pay a visit to your local music store and try the range of G7th capos – but if that's not possible, or you need a little more help, here are some resources to help you decide.

Video: G7th Inventor Nick goes through the different types of instrument capo

Which Capo? Infographic


G7th Choosing a Capo Infographic



G7th Capo Comparison Chart:


Performance 2



Capo Type
G7th Performance 2 Capo G7th Newport Capo G7th Nashville Capo
Versions Available 6-String Guitar Capo
Classical Guitar Capo
6-String Guitar Capo
12-String Guitar Capo
Classical Guitar Capo
Banjo & Mandolin Capo
Partial 5-String Guitar Capo*
Partial 3-String Guitar Capo*
6-String Guitar Capo
Classical Guitar Capo
Colours Available Silver, Black, 18kt Gold-plate Silver, Black, 18kt Gold-plate Silver, Black, 18kt Gold-plate
Summary Slimmer and lighter than the original Performance Capo, and featuring a smaller, reversed patented clutch mechanism, for a lightning fast squeeze-on, squeeze-off action. Stores behind the nut or on the peghead when not in use. . So small and light, you'd hardly know it was there! Easily applied and removed using the quick-release lever, while the screw adjusts the tension – even with the capo in position. Spring-loaded for ultra-fast changes on stage. Unlike our other capos, you can't adjust the tension – but you can operate the capo easily with one hand.
Adjustable Tension YesYes YesYes red-cross.pngNo
One-Handed Operation YesYes, Easily Possible with practice YesYes, Easily
Clamps Onto Headstock YesYes YesNo YesYes
Weight 52g / 1.7oz 43g / 1.5oz 37g / 1.3oz
Size & Shape Slightly larger than the Newport Capo, with a sharp new appearance. The smallest of the three capo models. Slim, and rounded, so you'll hardly know it's there. The largest of the three capo models.
More Details Performance 2 Capo - details and price Newport Capo - details and price Nashville Capo - details and price
* Partial capos for 6-string guitar. These models hold down some – but not all – of the strings, creating an effect similar to using a drop tuning

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