Frequently Asked Questions


What can I do if I have a faulty G7th capo?

If you have a defective capo we will replace it free of charge, anywhere in the world*.  All we ask is that you return it to us at the address below. 
To register your warranty online click here.  You can also register by post if you prefer.

*The warranty covers any manufacturing fault or failure of the mechanism during normal use.  It is not an insurance policy and does not cover any misuse or accidental damage.

Where can I find my nearest stockist of G7th products?

Click here to use the store locator

Will G7th acoustic/electric capos work on my classical guitar?

Some customers have used G7th acoustic/electric capos on their classical guitar.  However, as the profile of the capo is curved and a classical guitar fingerboard is flat, it's not ideal – you will be much better off using one of our the dedicated classical guitar capos:
Performance 2 Classical Capo - Newport Classical Capo - Nashville Classical Capo

Do the standard G7th Performance 2, Newport & Nashville Capos work on 12-string guitars?

Yes, they work fine.  However some customers have told us they can only use the standard capos up to the 5th fret because of the width of the neck.
For almost all 12 string guitars we recommend the Newport 12 String Capo

What other models of G7th Capo are available?

Click here to see all models for guitar and fretted instruments, plus this year's Special Editions (subject to availability).
Click here for a one-off Personalised G7th Performance 2 Capo .

Can you make one-off / custom capos using G7th technology?

No, sorry! 
The tooling costs for each model are substantial, making them suitable only for volume production.
If you would like your own one-off lazer-engraved G7th Performance 2 Capo Click here. They also make a fantastic gift!

Can the rubber on the capo be replaced if it wears out?

Yes.  At this time rubbers are available directly from G7th Ltd.  However, we have capos in continuous testing which have rubbers still 100% intact after thousands of hours use, so we don't expect to ship many!

My guitar has a nitro-cellulose finish.  Is my G7th capo safe to use on it?

A nitro-cellulose finísh should be a pretty durable one.  However, the danger occurs when it is exposed to additives or release agents which can be used in the processing of rubber components - these can soften and mark the finish.

We use high quality thermoplastic and silicone rubbers on our capos and the components are cleaned before use.  We would not expect you to have any problem with the rubber components used on our capos but would recommend that you don’t leave the capo on the guitar when you aren’t using it.  This isn’t good for the capo either!

How do I track an order that I placed on your site?

You can view the status of an order by logging in to your account.  You will need your email address, and the password you entered when you placed your order.

Does my capo carry a manufacturers warranty?

Yes.  G7th want nothing but satisfied customers.  If your G7th capo develops a fault, click here.