Force testing at Sheehan's

August 04, 2015

As part of continued Research and Development, G7th have spent a day at Sheehan’s Musical Instruments in Leicester researching the force needed to hold down all 6 strings on various different guitars and on various different frets.

With so many options for spring capos already on the market, we want to make sure that our capo meets the high standards that we set – we believe that the best capos will apply the minimum force needed to fret the strings and avoid buzzing, and won't depress them too much and pull the strings out of tune.

Being a British Engineer, Nick Campling (G7th Inventor & Chairman) built a test rig with a small piece of fingerboard and a profiled bottom section to imitate a guitar neck so the force can be measured as applied by a spring/trigger capo. We have already tested many of the spring capos on the market and have found there is a huge range of pressure between them; from 3 kilogram-force (not enough resulting in strings buzzing) to 7.5 kilogram-force (far too much and pulling the guitar out of tune and damaging your frets!). With a large set of test data to use, we can move into further development with complete confidence in our designs, and you can continue having complete confidence in your G7th capos.