Happy Guitar

November 02, 2015

3 reasons why your guitar would recommend a G7th Capo:

Stay In Tune

1. A G7th capo helps you stay in tune.

Here a Performance 2 holds the strings at the 4th fret with enough force to stop any buzzing, but not so much that the strings are forced right down to the fingerboard and bent out of tune over the fret.

Capo shown: Performance 2​, satin black  Find a store near you

Protect your Neck

2. A G7th capo protects your neck.

Near-inert silicone rubber doesn't react with your guitar's finish - so no nasty black marks on your neck!
Carefully-designed pads ensure that there is no metal to wood contact that might dent or scratch your neck or fretboard. 

Capo shown: Performance 2​, silver finish  Find a store near you

Safeguard your Tone

3. A G7th capo safeguards your tone.

We don't use crude, heavy pieces of rubber that steal your sustain and kill your tone.
Just slim, precision-made silicone rubber pads over a carefully-formulated alloy that preserves the true tone of your instrument.

Capo shown: Performance 2​, 18kt gold-plate  Find a store near you


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