Presenting the brand new Performance 2 capo

May 07, 2014

G7th The Capo Company is extremely proud to announce the launch of the Performance 2 capo.
Performance 2 launch
In 2004 the original Performance capo set a new standard in capo design, yet we felt there were improvements that could be made. While we have of course retained the award winning clutch mechanism that keeps your guitar in tune, the inert silicon rubber that protects your guitar neck, the grooved barre rubber that allows you to tune while the capo is on the neck, the benefit of not losing any tone when using the capo, and the stunning British design, here is what we have changed:
  • the Performance 2 is significantly slimmer and lighter, with around 30% less weight
  • the clutch mechanism has been reversed, allowing for a lighting fast squeeze-on, squeeze-off action and one-handed changes
  • Easily stored on the peghead or behind the nut when not in use
  • Available in silver, black and 18kt gold plate for 6-string guitars and in silver for Classical guitars
As well as these improvements the capos still have the G7th Lifetime Warranty, so you can have complete confidence in all of your G7th capos.
The Performance 2 capo will be available from your local stores soon, and also from