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Heritage Banjo (standard width)


Tradition and innovation in harmony.

Standard neck width to fit 5 string and tenor banjos.

Our flagship capo - this traditional yoke-style capo for standard neck banjos is made from hand-polished stainless steel, fitted with the groundbreaking G7th Adaptive Radius Technology (ART®) for maximum tuning stability with the minimum tension required.

The ART® string pad adapts to any neck and any fret on it, constantly able to change its radius, infinitely adjusting to match YOUR instrument, for unrivalled, in-tune and buzz-free use. Comes with a leather pouch, polishing cloth and gift box.

Standard width can fit a neck up to 36mm / 1.41" wide. Suitable for most 5 string and tenor banjos.

  • Tradition - A traditional yoke style banjo capo that you can store behind the nut on your instrument between songs. Popular because the force is exerted from the centre of the neck, and because of the low profile.
  • Innovation - The Adaptive Radius Technology string pad gives you maximum tuning stability by mechanically matching the curvature over the strings in ANY position, on ANY banjo neck (flat or radiussed).
  • Protects your neck - Inert silicone rubber neck pad and comprehensive side protection avoids metal to wood contact on your banjo neck.
  • Award-winning quality - All G7th capos carry a Free Lifetime Warranty.
  • Standard Width - Suitable for most 5 string and tenor banjos, up to a width of 36mm / 1.41" wide.



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Heritage Banjo (standard neck width)Heritage Banjo (standard neck width) - style 2

Product shot (style 1, 74011)

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Product shot (style 2, 74012)

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Heritage Banjo (standard neck width) - style 3Heritage contents

Product shot (style 3, 74013)

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Heritage Contents

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Heritage Presentation BoxHeritage Leather Pouch

Heritage Presentation Box

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Heritage Leather Pouch

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Heritage Banjo (standard neck width) on banjo 

Banjo shot 1

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