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Newport (3 String Partial Silver)


Lightweight and Low Profile - Newport Capo

The G7th Newport Partial 3 string capo is a cut capo in the Newport Range, combining a flip-lever action with a low-profile shape that doesn't get in the way of your fretting hand. It allows instant access to open-style tunings without retuning your instrument.

The cunningly concealed flip-lever design is perfect for heavy strings and high actions, with a knob to dial in fine-tune tension adjustments while on the neck.

  • Partial, or "cut" capo, to get DADGAD style sounds without the need for retuning, and many other possibilities with different placements
  • Lightweight and low profile design keeps the Newport capo out of the way of your fretting hand
  • Easy to use - flip lever quick release with fine-tune your tension while on the neck
  • Safeguards your tone thanks to firm string pad material that reduces vibration damping
  • Protects your neck with wrap-around silicone rubber
  • Award-winning quality - All G7th capos carry a Free Lifetime Warranty



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Newport (3 String Partial Silver)Newport (3 String Partial Silver) packaging 

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