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UltraLight (Steel String Blue) Images


Premium Capo, Affordable Price - UltraLight Capo

A genuine G7th adjustable capo; meticulously designed and crafted from carefully chosen composite materials at an easily affordable price.

The UltraLight has a simple quick-release design and adjustable, meaning it is easy to attach and remove, and will help keep your instrument in tune. Weighing in at an astonishing 1/4 OZ/8g, the UltraLight also offers functionality far above its weight.

Suitable for both steel-string acoustic and electric guitars.

  • Easy to use - unique 'click, twist and play' action delivers fast, great-sounding results
  • Perfect for beginners - the adjustable tension and flexible string pad yield better tuning stability than most low-cost spring capos
  • The world's lightest capo - simple and elegant design offers functionality far above its weight
  • Suitable for both acoustic and electric guitars
  • Award-winning quality - All G7th capos carry a Free Lifetime Warranty.


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UltraLight (Steel String Blue)UltraLight (Steel String Blue) packaging

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UltraLight (Steel String Blue) on guitar  

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