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Why would I buy the G7th Heritage Capo?


A traditional yoke style guitar capo that you can store behind the nut on your instrument between songs. Popular because the force is exerted from the centre of the neck, and because of the low profile.


The A.R.T. (Adaptive Radius Technology) system within the top bar of G7th Heritage capos adapts to the true radius of your neck, exerting completely even pressure across all the strings - setting a new standard of in-tune, buzz-free use. It gives you the maximum tuning stability with the minimum possible tension.

Protects your neck.

Inert silicone rubber neck pad and comprehensive side protection avoids metal to wood contact on your guitar neck.

Tone, tone and more tone.

Clean, crisp, warm, clear... Designed to safeguard the tone of your beloved instrument.

Now available for 12 strings

With our new Compensated String Pad for 12 strings coupled with the A.R.T., 12 string players can finally enjoy a truely magnificent capo experience.

"The longer I have the Heritage and the more I play with it, the more I love it. Workmanship, design, and A.R.T. aside, it SOUNDS GREAT!
No matter where I place it, it replicates the dry woody bark that my Rockbridge Smeck has uncapoed."

Randall Ray, Rockbridge Guitars luthier and co-founder
Versions Guitar - Standard (up to 1 3/4", 45mm) & Wide (1 7/8", 46mm and over) neck widths, 12-string guitar (wide neck width), Banjo (standard & wide neck widths)
Colours 18kt Gold Plate, plus various engraving options, Hand-polished stainless steel, plus various engraving options
Summary Traditional yoke-style capo made from hand-polished stainless steel and featuring groundbreaking G7th Adaptive Radius Technology (A.R.T.)
Adjustable Tension Yes
Adaptive Radius Technology (ART) Yes
Stores behind nut Yes, including over most standard Martin Guitar volutes
Weight 29g / 1.0oz - 34g / 1.2oz
Size and shape Slim and subtle U-shaped yoke that fits closely to the neck.
Warranty Free Lifetime Warranty

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