What is a Compensated String Pad?

Historically, 12 string guitars have been notoriously difficult to capo. The standard approach for capo makers has been to apply masses of tension, which inevitably pulls the bass strings sharp. Now, we have a solution that doesn't simply rely on brute force:

The Compensated String PadTM, available on the Newport and Heritage 12 string capo models.

Like a compensated saddle on an acoustic guitar, the patented Compensated String PadTM takes into account the different gauges between the bass and octave strings, compensating for them with the ridges in the rubber over the fingerboard.

This means all 12 strings are fretted at the SAME TIME and under the SAME TENSION, so you won't pull any out of tune!

The Heritage model, which combines the Compensated String PadTM with the Adaptive Radius TechnologyTM string pad, is the BEST 12 string capo money can buy.

Suitable for both acoustic and electric 12 string guitars*.

*Not suitable for Rickenbacker 12 string guitars due to the reversed octave string positions.