Premium Capo, Affordable Price
UltraLight Capo

A genuine G7th adjustable capo; meticulously-designed and crafted from carefully chosen composite materials at an easily affordable price.

The UltraLight has a simple quick-release design and adjustable, meaning it is easy to attach and remove, and will help keep your instrument in tune.

Available for steel 6 string acoustic, electric and hybrid nylon guitars.

"The UltraLight holds fast and keeps strings free of buzz at a price that’s tough to beat."

Charles Saufley
Premier Guitar review April 2017

Design and features

Click. Twist. Play.

Easy to use

Click. Twist. Play.

Unique click, twist and play action allows fast, buzz-free use - simply click the adjustment knob onto the top bar, twist the knob to adjust the tension, then play!

Adjustable Tension

Better for beginners

Adjustable Tension

Experience improved tuning stability compared to similar price-point capos thanks to the tension adjustment knob, making life easier for beginners.

World's lightest capo

Great Design

World's Lightest Capo

At only 1/4oz (8g), the UltraLight will barely affect the balance of your instrument's neck.

Premium and affordable

Pro-level capo

Premium and Affordable

Don't be fooled by the price - the UltraLight is a genuinely pro-level capo at a price that's within easy reach for all players.

Safeguard your tone

Clean, clear and true

Safeguard your tone

Maintains the tone of your instrument thanks to our carefully engineered string pads, designed to reduce vibration dampening and loss of tone.

Free Lifetime Warranty

Award-winning quality

Free Lifetime Warranty

All G7th capos carry a Free Lifetime Warranty. Simply register online.

Choosing the right capo

Let us help you choose the right capo for your guitar

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