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Andee Moorcroft

Name Andee Moorcroft
BandFrontline Worship
Genre Americana
Capo(s) used Nashville, Performance 2
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Music is and has always been the good ol' friend that has abided with me throughout life. From an early age singing and performing music has felt like a very natural thing to do.
Despite neither of my parents being particularly musical, they have been very supporting and influential in the development of my musical tastes and disposition to perform in front of an audience. Some of my earliest memories are of going to church as a family, standing on a pew next to my mother and just listening to her voice and wanting to sing along, not necessarily in harmony, just as loudly as I could (in tune of course!) - Must be the Welsh blood in me!
My parent’s eclectic music tastes introduced me to a whole host of genres: soul, blues, jazz, rock...from The Beatles to 10CC to The Eagles to Coltrane.

My 'career' began as most young children's did, instrument lessons in school. My weapon of choice was the piano. I continued with this until grade 3, when I had the opportunity to get drum lessons. It was from the point that drumming became my identity. Whenever I had the opportunity I would be playing - looking back now, I think my parents probably wished I had stuck with the piano or chosen a quieter instrument!! I didn't take any grades or exams in drumming because....well, I doubt any of the greats having 'grade whatever' on their CV. It just didn't seem "cool".

Around the age of 15 I found an old classical guitar that my brother used to play when he had school lessons. Being left handed, I simply just restrung it 'upside down'. This cut it for a time until I treated myself to a new guitar for passing my GCSEs. I still kept drumming, but guitar was my own thing, my private escape where I would hide in my room and write Beatles-esque love songs about whichever girl I was going out with at the time. Later on during my time in sixth form I succumbed to the urge to form a band with some of friends. The result was a four piece called Aeon Blue - A blues rock covers band primarily influenced by the likes of Hendrix, Zeppelin, Cream and other 60’s / 70’s legends. Despite being a short lived run it was fun playing various gigs in Liverpool and getting a taste for the "Rock 'n' Roll" life. This continued with other bands such as Wambo Lane, another covers/function band formed out of playing at the wedding of some close friends.

Around the age of 16 that I joined my local church's worship band at St. Peter's, Woolton - Where John met Paul...
I was taken under the wing of the bass player, Jack, who to my 16 year old eyes was 'cool' personified. I learnt a lot from him from growing in confidence to more practical aspects like altering keys and arrangements. Soon I became a regular within the team, either playing drums or guitar or lead vocals. It was then that I realised that my calling was in worship ministry.

In 2010 I attended the CTF School of Ministry in Toronto, Canada, where I studied worship ministry. It was here where I was able to discover and explore myself in terms of my faith and my music. Spending 6 months living with people who not only love music as much as you, but love Jesus too is one of the best things you can do! Practical and spiritual growth to the max!!

Upon returning home from Toronto I joined Frontline Church, Liverpool. I regularly play and lead worship on a Sunday morning and have also been involved in other ventures such as JesusLoves, Gathered to be Scattered and The Gathering.