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Andrés Godoy

Name Andrés Godoy
Genre Fingerstyle
Capo(s) used Performance 2, Performance Original
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Artists biography

Andrés Godoy was born in San Antonio (port) Chile. At age 14, Andrés had an accident in which he lost all of his right arm. Accompanied by this adversity, he continued his passion for the guitar. In time and daily practice, he invented a self-taught technique he called Tatap.


The Tatap technique

is based on percussing, striking, strumming, throwing, scratching, jerks with the yolks, fingers and nails of the left hand over the strings, producing chords, melody and rhythm simultaneously. It is a unique technique for guitar with one hand and incorporates technical elements from other styles such as tapping, hammers, pull on-off, legato, etc.

Tatap is not just a technique for guitar; it is a way of living positively, creatively and feeling that everything is possible, that obstacles and crises are good challenges and opportunities to get ahead. Andrés believes that music is also a medicine of the soul and a tool of cultural transformation. 

Through passion, imagination, perseverance, Andrés composes music with influences from rock, folklore, jazz, classical, fingerstyle and he make a fusión with his own way, building worlds full of rhythmic-harmonic and melodies landscapes with a deep load of creative positivism.

At the same time, Andrés has collaborated in the development of thousands of young musicians in Chile through various socio-cultural projects.

Currently, he has organized the "Tatap Foundation" of which he is President.


Musical Producer:

From 1991 to 2017 Andrés has worked as the musical producer for new and young artists such as Sinergia, Los Peores de Chile, Bandoleros de Teno, Polimetro, 2X, Subalternos, Kekoyoma, Lilits, Killterry, Chocloneta, Cholomandinga, Jonathan Caroca, No Bailo, Egregor, etc…


International Tours

From 2007 to 2018 Andrés develop his international career as a guitarist through long tours each year to: Europe (Germany, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, Bulgary, Sweden, Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland); Asia (China, Japan, Malasya, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, Singapur, Vietnam); USA and Canada.


On the tours Andrés make concerts, workshops, masterclass and motivational meetings, sharing in this way not only his music but his rich experience of life.