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Paul Smart

Name Paul Smart
Band"Bagpipes and Beavers" and "Tea for Two"
Genre Americana, Country, Folk, Rock, Singer - Songwriter, Traditional
Capo(s) used Performance 2, Newport
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I started learning guitar at 12 years old. From an early age, my music taste was eclectic. From traditional Scottish to Buddy Holly and AC-DC, it all struck a chord. Growing up I loved the idea of writing and playing music but never knew how a wee boy from the Scottish Highlands could do that.

In my early twenties a few of us got together and started a band called Catch 22; we played a few gigs, rehearsed lots and got as far as three tracks recorded in a studio, but it all fell apart and it put me off following the dream. However, I continued playing and switching guitars, working my way to a nice collection.

In 2009 I sold up, including the guitars, and I emigrated to Canada to be with my wife who I'd met a year earlier. She has a love for music and was in a band and it reignited my interest in performing and writing.

After a few years she quit the band she was with and we did a few duets for coffee house gigs. We met another couple who had a great musical history, and with their daughter, we put together our band "Bagpipes and Beavers." We play a varied mix of traditional Celtic, rock 'n roll and a mix of classic pop. We call it "kilt-o-billy".

I've always loved guitars, the sound the look and the smell. I play mostly rhythm and switch between acoustic and electric. My main performance guitars are a Seagull Coastline 12 string and a Gretsch Electromatic double cut.

Because we have bagpipes we capo lots of our stuff and over the last 30 years I have used and tried so many brands, but the only capos I truly love and can say I am loyal to is G7th. They work and are pieces of art in themselves.