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Jason Fandino

Name Jason Fandino
BandThe Gray Company
Genre Americana
Capo(s) used Performance 2
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I've been following music passionately for the past 10 years. I'm 24 years old at the time of writing this (2016) based out of the New Jersey area. These past ten years have taken me down so many roads. It's beautiful that the more you play the more it teaches you about where your taste lies. The self discovery is fascinating. I love so many genres. But american music is really where I find my ears. Even more so, past that carter family roots tradition. I totally consider jazz and blues to be Americana. Or atleast it should be. Even funk. I mean, it's all so American. Sort of gives you the attitude in a representative sort of way. Makes me proud even to be apart of it. From a tribe called quest down to Johnny Cash. I can't help but blend all of this in my playing. It just sort of happened with the way I practice and learn stuff. It all starts off with the interest. My trusty axe is a modded Fender Stratocaster. There should be a picture of it up here. That guy has taken me to some great place and situations. It's a Jeff Beck body, loaded with n3 pickups, a neck/bridge pickup blend knob (which really gives me so much option), and a fat warmoth mahogany neck. Intonation is huge. A perfectly set up guitar can still go wrong with a bad capo. The G7th never fails! It's always on my guitars during a show and at home.