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Hauk Heimdallsman

Name Hauk Heimdallsman
BandBlack Hat Society
Genre Americana, Blues, Country, Folk, Rock, Singer - Songwriter
Capo(s) used Performance 2, Newport
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Artists biography

Most bios for Outlaw Country bands don't begin with a guitar player playing heavy metal. This one does. Years ago, a guitarist named Hauk was playing in a metal band. He loved metal, but also loved country. He'd drive his pick up truck to rehearsal, play three hours of shred metal, and then drive home listening to Willie Nelson. His grandpa used to tell Hauk that he should quit metal and do country, but Hauk kept saying no. He liked where he was in life. 

Hauk's band released their 7th album, a collection of their heaviest songs ever. And the next day, Hauk's grandpa died. 

Hauk put down his electric guitar, picked up his acoustic guitar, and began writing country songs. It was like he couldn't stop. After three months of writing, he called Karin, the electric violinist from his metal band and asked her to meet him for lunch to discuss a new project. Funny story, but it turns out her grandpa raised her on classic country, and she'd been wanting to play something new. Black Hat Society was born. 

Bring together classic country influences like Willie Nelson, Lyle Lovett, and Johnny Cash with alt-country bands like Murder By Death, Black Hat Society delivers a new breed of Outlaw Country, songs capturing the Wild West, a hint of Weird Tales, and just enough death and mayhem to leave a trail of bodies for the vultures to feast on. Karin's soaring fiddle lines interplay with Hauk's banjo picking and vocal crooning to provide a musical experience that won't be forgotten. Their first 4 song EP, "This Machine Kills Fascists" comes out swinging and doesn't let up. Available now on Itunes, Amazon, Bandcamp, and more!