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Jacky Bastek

Name Jacky Bastek
Genre Fingerstyle
Capo(s) used Nashville, Performance 2
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Jacky is a guitarist and composer from Frankfurt, Germany. Even though she is mostly known for playing fingerstyle guitar she started off her musical journey playing classical violin. Getting more and more into rock music as a teenager she started to teach herself how to play the guitar at the age of 13. Not having any success in finding a band she started to write songs on the acoustic guitar accompanying herself singing. After watching a video of Mike Dawes playing 'Boogie shred' back in 2012 she firstly drew attention to the fingerstyle scene. A few weeks later she saw Jon Gomm playing live which encouraged her to play fingerstyle guitar.
In 2014 she played her first live shows and started to share her music online getting a positive response right away. Her entry to the 'Lowden young guitarist competition 2014' went viral in the first few days and got over a hundred thousand views within a week. The video of her recent song 'No Exit' gained even more attention reaching over 3 millions views in a facebook post in less than two weeks. She has played many shows ever since and is going to release her debut album in the coming year.