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Jake Davey

Name Jake Davey
Genre Singer - Songwriter
Capo(s) used Performance 2, Nashville, Newport
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When you have a passion for something, it becomes you.

For Jake Davey, music isn’t just a hobby. He may be a singer, songwriter, producer and performer, but for Jake, music isn’t just what he does – it’s who he is.

Jake’s fate was sealed the moment his father placed a guitar in his hands when he was six years old. He’s rarely had it out of his hands since. He began writing songs at age 12, and by the time he’d reached his mid-teens, Jake was being booked for shows frequently.

Jake is now a regular performer in restaurants, clubs and at festivals on the east coast of Australia. His modern, acoustic pop/rock style, combined with his contagious enthusiasm for life, has won him fans from all ages – and recognition from within the music industry. In 2016 alone, Jake played over 200 shows, one of the most memorable being chosen as a support artist for the Aussie legend, Rick Price. Early 2014 he was chosen as the support act for Casey Donovan (Australian Idol). In 2014 he supported Taylor Henderson (X-Factor) and Jai Waetford (X-Factor) whilst on their regional tour, in 2015 supporting Diesel and most recently supporting Thirsty Merc.

He’s inspired by the likes of Ed Sheeran, John Mayer, Pete Murray, Boyce Avenue and Tyler Ward – but when it comes to his own music, Jake is determined to remain true to his style. With a home studio, an assortment of mentors, and a willingness to put in the ‘hard yards’, Jake has resolved to forge his own path when it comes to a music career.

Jake is proudly endorsed by G7th The Capo Company.

“I love making things happen,” he says. And with his energy, talent and unapologetic love for what he does, there’s no doubt things will continue to happen for Jake Davey.