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Jennalyn Alonzo

Name Jennalyn Alonzo
BandFrequency Within
Genre Fingerstyle, Rock, Singer - Songwriter
Capo(s) used Performance 2, Nashville, Newport, Performance Original
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Jennalyn Alonzo is a guitarist from California.  She picked up acoustic guitar at the age of 13 and electric guitar a few years later.  She is currently the Lead Guitarist/Backing Vocalist for Frequency Within.  Her style incorporates a mix of fingerstyle and plectrum picking on the electric guitar, often utilizing delay pedals.  

About Frequency Within:

Frequency Within is an Alternative Indie/Punk band bringing life to the stages of the US Southwest If they're not performing, you can find them out at shows supporting other bands in Los Angeles.

The music a blend of rock you can dance to or just punch someone in the face to, but you definitely won't be sleeping.

On July 30, 2016, the 4-piece released their debut album "Blissfulmess" and departed on their first tour through the deserts of CA, AZ & NV. SoCal Indie Musicians booked & managed the tour which was completed in September 2016. In, January 2017 The band embarked on the Full Indie Jacket Tour with The Black Heartthrobs. During the summer of 2017, the band and fans hit the road for a series of Freqend Tours!

The band just released the official music video for "Vindictive" filmed by K Enagonio Photography. They're currently writing music for the next album and are on tour in March 2018.

Band Members:

Erica Torres (Lead Vocals/Guitar)
Jenna Alonzo (Guitar/Vocals)
Oli Navarro (Bass/Vocals)
Jeannette Lawler (Drums/Vocals)