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Meghann Wright

Name Meghann Wright
Genre Folk
Capo(s) used Nashville
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With an equal love and influence from a wide variety of genres, Meghann Wright's songs of love, liquored memories, heartbreark, and resilience resonate with anyone listening. The Brooklyn-based Singer/Songwriter is a songstress that finds her way into all of our hearts, traveling a path paved with lost loves through a life of contrasts that can be felt and heard the moment you push play.

A daunting childhood in a family of talented musicians, Meghann stood out in the culturally-diverse, destitute, and ignored parts of Hawaii. Her move to New York City showed a willingness to change and grow. Jamming with musicians in the eclectic Metro scene, she could be heard with metal and hardcore bands one night, and playing folk and indie rock the next. Her voice is accessible and alluring: she embraces the closing-time bluntness of Amy Winehouse, the strength and conviction of Sheryl Crow, the husky soul of Janis Joplin and Adele, and even the twang, catchiness and subtle grit of Dolly Parton. But in these dissimilar styles, Meghann finds a common thread that’s recognizable when she sings. Her lyrics tell stories of struggles and strength while her voice comforts and touches the soul.