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Permanent Peace

Name Permanent Peace
BandElemental Worship Collective
Genre Gospel or Worship
Capo(s) used Performance 2, Nashville
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My name is Braxton Turner and I am a musician and producer. I am currently living in Dallas, Texas. I am originally from Phoenix, Arizona but moved to Dallas to pursue my music career. Ever since I can remember, I was always fascinated by instruments. My mom has baby pictures of me sitting on the kitchen floor banging on pots and pans and sitting on the piano bench with earphones watching the keys light up.

A couple years ago, I knew music was what I wanted to do with my life. Once I started going to High School, I started a praise and worship band called, “Permanent Peace”. It started out as just 2 of us and by the end, there were 6 of us. We started playing at school chapels and even went on to playing at different venues in Arizona. We became the main band for a ministry in Arizona called Faith Hope Love. A little less then a year later, I started co-writing and playing music with Carmen Cruz, an inspirational artist. We have written 2 songs together and are working on some others as well.

While I have been in Texas I have played for Arlington SDA Church in Arlington, TX, Elevate Ministries in Keene, TX, and Midnight Worship in Abilene, TX. It has truly been a blessing. I never thought I would be playing at the places I am now or have the opportunities that I do now.

Check out my website for more information and any questions you have!