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Sam Wickens

Name Sam Wickens
Genre Singer - Songwriter
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I am a unique singer songwriter with hints of blues and soul, I have recently just came back from Nashville were i played 4 shows including a street festival to 10,000 people and the Blue Bird Cafe where i was a featured artist. I have an EP releasing in Early June this year. Youtube would be my 2nd place to put videos as my first is on where i broadcast and play music LIVE with audio and video, On average i get 300 viewers at ONE time and then a total of 25,000 - 40,000 total viewers per broadcast which is in the space of a few hours everyday or every other day! This is where i sing my original content and covers to show the diversity of my sound, Its also here where i am asked about the equipment i use, Guitars, Strings, Capos Etc. This would be a great oppertunity for me to able to use high grade equipment from you and for me to share the word about the capos i use, I hope to hear back, Sam Wickens