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Troy Smith

Name Troy Smith
Genre Rock
Capo(s) used Performance 2
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Troy Smith’s greatest passion in life, aside from his family, is his guitar. It has been a long road for the twenty years since he picked up his first guitar and that passion burns in to his heart to this day!

Introduced at an early age to music by his father while growing up just outside of a small town with not much to do, Troy spent his youthful days listening to many of the classic rock bands of the 70’s and 80’s. Music was a major part of his life in every aspect and he was drawn to the guitar like a moth to flame.

At age sixteen he got his first guitar, a cheap imitation strat, and proceeded to begin playing. He had no clue how to play the instrument, yet he did not care. He had a guitar and it was making noise. After the initial excitement wore off, Troy decided to get serious and take lessons from a professional. It turned out to be only one lesson. The teacher wanted to teach Troy the basics while Troy wanted to jump straight into a Guns N' Roses song. When the teacher told Troy that he “wasn’t ready to play Guns N' Roses” Troy left and vowed to teach himself.

Troy continued to teach himself guitar throughout middle school and early high school, while at the same time joining bands to learn how to write songs. He also joined his local church band as a guitar player; he performed in front of many people and his songwriting started to change direction!
Troy began to sing while playing, so he decided he need a capo. He found a capo was important to have and he would keep the same capo for years! Until later in 2015, discovered G7th The Capo Company; he started to use the Performance 2 capo and was hooked on how well made the capo was and how easy it was to use.