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Van Larkins

Name Van Larkins
Genre Fingerstyle
Capo(s) used Performance 2, Nashville
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Having played with some of music’s greats including Phil Emmanuel (who refers to him as ‘Owen the Gun’), Brendan Power (Sting’s backup band), Don Ross, co-founder of Candyrat Records, USA (now Owen’s record company), Antonio Vargas, current choreographer with the stage play ‘Strictly Ballroom’ and one of the words’ leading Flamenco dancers to name but a few. Highly skilled in production as well as performance, Owen has played at some of the world’s best venues including the Hamilton Gardens Arts Festival in New Zealand and the Montreal Jazz Festival. He has also played onstage during Sheila Duncan’s stage production of ‘Tabula Rasa’.  

Van Larkins has been lauded as a new Australian star and it’s not going too far to say that once he starts to play, there is a synergy between him and his instrument that transcends most musical compositions.

“To listen to Owen Van Larkins play guitar is to watch some magic of nature that both amazes and calms the spirit. The listener is drawn into his world, a world where his seductive melodies tell tales of adventure and of love and weave a path through a land that is new and exciting yet somehow familiar. ”
- Andrew White – Recording Artist

"Owen Van Larkins is one of the best young up-and-coming songwriters I know. His music immediately draws you in and won't let you go until the end of each song"
- Rob Poland - Candyrat Records

Owen Van Larkins doesn’t just play guitar…he creates a beautiful musical soundscape. His application of musical cascades and original compositions shed new light to the term “ear candy”.
- Phil Emmanuel – Australian Guitarist