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Alex Smith

Name Alex Smith
Genre Americana
Capo(s) used Nashville, Performance 1
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Alex Smith grew up in Long Lake, in the heart of New York's Adirondack Park, and his music strives first and foremost to echo the people of that area. He builds songs from a blend of traditional folk harmony and strikingly modern lyrics, confronting today's most pressing issues with grace while paying homage to the masters who came before him. Smith's mother is a historian and his father is a writer and boat builder. Their influence is evident in his attention to detail: each of Smith's characters, though fictional, lives and breathes with an authentic balance of beauty and imperfection. Their stories draw on both the triumphs and hardships of friends, relatives, and neighbors near and far. Smith fine-tuned his ability to observe and capture human nature while earning his Bachelor of Arts degree from St. Lawrence University, where he majored in English with a focus on fiction writing. The nuance in Smith's storytelling is a seamless match for his musical style. (something about what you pay attention to - dynamics, shaping, etc., without using those words) Taking cues from legendary Adirondack folk musicians Dan Berggren and Christopher Shaw, (positive comparison to Chris and Dan. Sentence about their support.) Smith first toured extensively during the summer of 2012 and signed with acclaimed folk label Wepecket Island Records that fall. He has since toured nationally, playing both solo sows and with the Mountain Sound, a collection of instrumentalists who share his passion and add tasteful depth to his original songs. Tour stops have included Caffe Lena in Saratoga Springs (quote from Sarah). Smith's first studio album, Hamilton County, was released in June 2014 and was named The National Traditional Music Association's "Contemporary Folk Album of The Year." Reviews: "Alex is a wonderful poetic writer who captures words full of meaning, matching them with creative music that creeps quietly into the past at the same time as dancing with the present, and sneaking a peek at the future." - Bob Everhart, Country Music News International "Alex is a natural storyteller with a rich voice who is creating poignant songs rooted in the heritage of his Adirondack home." - Sarah Craig, Caffe Lena (Saratoga Springs, NY) "When Alex sings traditional folk songs from his region, he energizes them with his own voice, arrangements and charisma. I sought him out to perform in the Emmy award-winning documentary Songs to Keep: Treasures of an Adirondack Folk Collector, and it's a real pleasure working with him." - Paul Larson, Producer, Mountain Lake PBS "Alex and Dylan hit the Red Barn Radio stage with a glowing performance of material from the Adirondack Region where Alex grew up. It was a moving performance with their guitars and solo and blended voices. Alex is not to be missed as up and coming singer-songwriter and performer." - Ed Commons, Producer/Director Red Barn Radio (Lexington, KY) "With a voice as deep and dark as an Irish Stout, and acoustic arrangements that wind and curve as if following the course and contour of a river, Alex Smith exemplifies our cultural ideal of what a folk singer should be." - Aarik Danielsen, Columbia Tribune (Columbia, MO) "These songs of Alex Smith stretch the expectation of what fresh, new music can say about ancient hills, the communities they hold, and their stories." - Dan Berggren, Adirondack Folk Legend "A talented and impressive young songwriter, singer, and musician from Long Lake in the Adirondacks whose latest recording has been well-received by listeners and whose next release is eagerly awaited." - Mike Alzo, Host of The Folk Show on North Country Public Radio "Alex Smith personifies the next generation of Adirondack singer-songwriters." - Chris Shaw, Adirondack Folk Legend