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Alyza Barro

Name Alyza Barro
Genre Fingerstyle
Capo(s) used Performance 2, Performance 1, Newport, Nashville
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Alyza started her interest in fingerstyle guitar in 2009 when she saw videos of Sungha Jung on YouTube. Armed with a guitar and the passion to develop her craft, she taught herself the art of fingerstyle guitar through YouTube.

After 2 years of constant learning and practicing, she started posting her own videos. She got noticed by the same person who inspired her to learn fingerstyle guitar who added her 2 videos to his favorites. As a budding instrumentalist, Alyza got her dream gig when she was invited to perform with Sungha for his Philippine Tour.

Probably one of the best fingerstyle guitarist in the Philippines, Alyza combines different techniques she learned from her major influences such as Tommy Emmanuel, Andy McKee, Thomas Leeb, and Sungha to produce her own signature sound.