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Charly Santos

Name Charly Santos
BandMinisterio Deo
Genre Gospel or Worship
Capo(s) used Performance 2
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Artists biography

He born in Mexico. He has 24 years in the music teaching. He has participated in 9 record productions as a producer, musician, arranger and graphic designer. It specializes in different styles of music like Rock, Pop, Funk, Latin, among others, excelling in the genre of Jazz.
He has participated in seminars and international meetings Jazz in different cities in Mexico. He has also participated in the first International Festival of Chihuauha with the group Blues Power (USA) and in 2014 at the International Jazz Festival in Chihuahua, Mexico with Supermarket (Mexico) group.
He has taken courses, clinics and master classes with international artists like Nir Felder, Jack DeJohnette, Kenny Barron, Louis Hayes, Ben Monder, Eddie Gomez, Antonio Sanchez, Ray Drummond, Dr. Ron McCurdy, Gretchen Parlato, Enrique Neri, Eugenio Toussaint, Kiko Cibrian, among many others.
In 2015 he won the 2nd place in the international composition competition Carii Fili based in Spain.
He was a teacher at school online Musinetwork School of Music, based in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.
He teaches jazz guitar at the Universidad Autonoma de Chihuahua in addition to private lessons, master classes and advice to ensembles and musical groups.
He has 27 years playing music in church ministries and is currently a guitarist in the Deo Ministry where he plays gospel music and is also invited to participate with various ministries as guitarist and keyboardist as well as a studio musician.