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Christina Lux

Name Christina Lux
Genre Singer - Songwriter
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Christina Lux has been on the road with her songs since the beginning of the 90’s. Jumping easily from English to German, she makes her guitar sound like an entire band and tells wonderful, short philosophical stories in between her songs. She is “one of the most charming and captivating song poets in Germany.”

Christina released her first CD in 1998. She started her musical career in 1984 as the singer in a rock band; journeyed through the world of jazz and landed in a multicultural a cappella ensemble called the Vocaleros. She started to write her own songs in the early 1990s. She has released nine CDs since then. Her latest album, released in 2018, Leise Bilder is the first one that she wrote all the lyrics in her mother tongue of German. She produced it with Oliver George, with whom she had already worked in 1983 in her first rock band before she started writing her own material. 

"The wonderful love song Meer – beautifully dreamy and memorable. The melodies are ear candy without being clichéd. The enthusiastically applauding audience got several encores."
HNA October 2018

"She surpasses herself with quiet images. Her lyrics resonate with an amazing experience of life and love and the subtle folkpop songs in the style of Joni Mitchell, Tracy Chapman or Eva Cassidy balance nicely between passion and nonchalance."
Stereo November 2018

"Rounded melodies and great lyrics. She changes fluently from German to English and her musical expressiveness touches something very deep inside; not only through her songs but also through her strong stage presence. She sings about love, life paths, reflecting the spirit of the times and taking a clear stand. For example against right-wing currents: "Whoever sleeps in democracy wakes up in a dictatorship.""
Neue Westfälische October 2018