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Christopher Leyva

Name Christopher Leyva
BandFalling Doves
Genre Rock
Capo(s) used Performance 2, Nashville
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Christopher Leyva , Rock & Roll troubadour.

Christopher Leyva was actually born in a small town outside of Oaxaca, Mexico. He arrived in San Diego as an eight-year-old. An insatiable music fan, Leyva was soon hooked on the idea of rock 'n' roll. He cites The Beatles, Nirvana, The Rembrandts as major influences .To date he has twenty two albums a mix of rock, glam, punk and powerpop. In 2003 he started up a music management agency Black Cherry Music Group and booking agency. He continues his explorations of stages around the world with the many incarnations of his music . Almost chameleon like is his songwritting and appearance he is constantly evolving as a performer and musician. Theres been no plans in slowing down for Mr.Leyva currently working on a new solo album and a new one for his current group, "The Falling Doves", with endless collaborations with songwriters and musicians, Prolific to a fault , his previous bands include, The Dead 67's, Blizzard,Sevisiwa and Revolution '89.

"I don't plan, I follow my muse," he said. "In the romantic sense, I go where ever the adventures take me. No matter where the road goes, count on me making music. There are lots of business things to work on, but basically I'm a troubadour." - Christopher Leyva