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Derek Anthony

Name Derek Anthony
BandDerek Anthony
Genre Country
Capo(s) used Performance 2, Performance 1
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Derek has always had a passion for music: instrumentally and vocally. From the age of six, Derek was singing George Strait, Kenny Rogers, to Glen Campbell. In addition to vocals, Derek has played a wide range of instruments in all levels of the public school system in the St. Louis, Missouri metro area (trumpet, banjo, guitar, saxophone, harmonica, baritone, and piano). With the diversity of instrument experience, this gives Derek a wide range of styles and patterns to pull from while writing, performing, and composing songs.
Derek enjoys writing creative lyrics that have a simple cadence. Moreover, turning a negative quality or situation into a comical play on words is also a goal for Derek. The country music listener has always accepted this notion with open arms.  Some of Derek’s influences: Garth Brooks, George Strait, Billy Joel, Randy Travis, Brad Paisley, Keith Whitley, Alabama, Eric Clapton, Eagles, Alan Jackson, Toby Keith, Frank Sinatra, 80’s rock.  Derek can best be described as a contemporary country style with some traditional taste of country music embedded into his sound and feel.  Most comments from fans are a cross between Brad Paisley and Dierks Bentley style/sound, but of course, Derek prefers to have his unique sound to stand out from the rest of the pack.

Derek Anthony is eager to broaden his musical career into the mass market appeal and produce memorable music that embrace emotion, fun, and touches the hearts of millions of fans.  Derek is a contemporary country artist and launching his sophomore album “Cowboy Way” under his own label B L U A N T Music Group in the fall of ’13.  We are proud to report “Cowboy Way” the single was on radio for 27 straight weeks in the U.S. and the U.K.  Derek puts his heart and soul into his label, his fans, and his music.   With Steve Mandile producing the album in Nashville, this album will be as strong as any artist in the business.  The title track “Cowboy Way” has been selected by the Dallas Cowboys to be played at all the home games.  All of Derek’s music can be found on all the major musical websites.  Derek has opened up for Dierks Bentley, Kansas, Josh Turner, Miranda Lambert, Pat Green, and many others!
Derek is a current resident of Dallas/Fort Worth, TX and performs across the U.S. to grow his fan base.  Derek is also very active on the web with social media, so be sure to follow the activity.
National Ovarian Cancer Coalition:
Derek is a supporter of the NOCC.  Ovarian Cancer is the silent killer and the awareness must increase.  “Ovarian Cancer is more than a woman’s disease”.  Derek is working with the Dallas/Ft Worth chapter president and also the national NOCC office.  Derek will be performing at several Run/Walk’s for the NOCC throughout the U.S.  Please see for more information about the non-profit organization.

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