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Donald Waugh

Name Donald Waugh
Genre Jazz
Capo(s) used Performance 2, Newport
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I started playing music at the age of 7 years old, being influenced by my Mom and Dad. My Mom decided to send me to piano lesson at the age of 10 years; this lasted for about 4 years.  When I left High School and went to College I decided to become serious about my music career. I studied visual arts (sculpture), Jazz theory and the bass guitar (as an elective). Some of my main influences were playing with various bands, while studying at the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts. In my first year of college I was called by a Cuban pianist, Javier Ochua Pita, to play for him in his Latin Jazz band. I quickly jumped at the opportunity. The following week we started rehearsing in his garage. I knew nothing about Cuban music at the time, but luckily Javier was willing to teach me. We rehearsed for about two month, learning various Cuban songs, studying the music and understanding the role of the bass player. Javier then invited other musicians to play including, Desi Jones, a well-known professional drummer, Omar Francis, an incredible professional guitar player, and on percussion, the great master drummer, Maroghini. This was clearly a dream come true for me. I was the only student musician in the band and I had to step up my game to not sound like a student.

I played with the Latin Jazz band for about 2 years until Javier left Jamaica to go to Miami, USA. I was then noticed by Jill Gibson, a Jazz pianist from Ireland, who had just recently started lecturing at the EMC School of Music. She asked me if I would play bass for her band; I didn’t hesitate to jump at this opportunity. I got the chance to play all over Jamaica, between playing with Jill Gibson and Javier Ochua Pita. While I was still playing with Jill’s band, another pianist named Kathy Brown asked me to play with her band as well. By now I was in my third year of college and I was playing in two bands. I made enough money that my parents didn’t have to send me money for living and food expenses; I was feeling quite independent. 

During my fourth and final year of college, I was invited to play for a Reggae band called To-Isis. I played with them for about 2 years before I started my own band called Airplai®. At this point, I decided to focus solely on my business (Airplai® band) for a couple of years to get it off the ground. Airplai® was my first independent endeavor after earning my Degree of Fine Arts at the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts. After a number of years performing with and managing Airplai®, at a number of venues around Jamaica, I was asked by GeeJam Studios to join them on tour with their band called the Jolly Boys. I toured with the Jolly Boys for about a year. During that time, I started an album project called Quantum Reggae in collaboration with song writer, Jim Belleau, and musician/singer/song writer, Maroghini. The album was completed within that year.

Furthermore, I am the owner/founder of Airplai® Productions, where we do album production, song writing, composing/arranging, video editing, film scoring, and jingles. Over a decade ago I created the Perfect10course, which continues to offer online music lessons for bass guitar, guitar, drums, and piano. In 2013, I was discovered online by an agent, which led me to my current venture as a Solo Bassist/Guitarist on board cruise ships. 

I just released my first solo album called Just Passing Through under the label Airplai® Productions. This project was ten years in the making, and I am proud to announce that it is now available on iTunes and GooglePlay.