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Johnnie Ferro

Name Johnnie Ferro
BandJohnnie Ferro
Genre Blues, Classical or Flamenco, Country, Folk, Rock, Singer - Songwriter
Capo(s) used Performance 2, Nashville
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Artists biography

Johnnie Ferro has been playing the guitar for the past 22 years and has been actively playing in bands as well as the studio for the past 15 years. Along with being an accomplished singer and guitarist of virtually every genre, he also has an insatiable urge to help musicians of all shapes and sizes figure out what they want to do with their craft and achieve just that!

Most recently, Johnnie fronted the band No Convention on Lead Vocals & Rhythm Guitar. He has also worked with a variety of bands and artists, including Manny Charlton (Nazareth), Jeannie Deva, Billy Sherwood, Deedee O'Malley, Josephine's Alibi, and many more. Currently, Johnnie is planning and actively working on several writing and producing projects.

Johnnie LOVES G7th Capos!  In his time as an artist, he's struggled to find a capo with ease of use and versatility as well as the level of precision of craftsmanship and calibration necessary to ensure tonal consistency while in use.  He has finally found this with G7th, and he currently uses the Performance capo (acoustic & classical) as well as the UltraLight.  He's as committed to this brand as they are to quality.

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