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josh rider

Name josh rider
Genre Fingerstyle
Capo(s) used Performance 2
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Josh Rider is a Instrumental guitarist from Cirencester. He started to learn Guitar from the age of six and grew up listening to the likes of Hendrix, Pink Floyd and Led Zepplin, later in his teens listening to Grunge and Metal jamming along to Metallica, Pearl Jam, Pantera.
In his early 20's he got into a few bands and started gigging around and trying out different styles. 

“In late 2008 after discovering the likes of Andy McKee, Don Ross and Erik Mongrain on YouTube Josh found a style of guitar that he had never heard before but was instantly hooked. This led him to put down his electric guitar and experiment with the acoustic sound. Drawing on these influences Josh produces a sound that we really like.”

“Rider employs a variety of percussive effects, open tunings, harmonics, string bends and other techniques to create intricate, swirling, swooping soundscapes of great beauty.” – Paul Strange, Guitar Magazine