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Josiah Nusbaum

Name Josiah Nusbaum
BandCrosswind Church
Genre Gospel or Worship
Capo(s) used Performance 2
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Artists biography

I have been playing guitar for almost 13 years now.  I have traveled the east coast playing in various worship groups in front of thousands of people.  I am currently the Worship Coordinator at Crosswind Church's Hanover campus, along with writing and recording music of my own.

Taylor 210ce
Fender Mexican Stratocaster
Ibanez 700 Series
Fender American Standard Telecaster


Sony Wireless Guitar System
TC Electronics Polytune Mini
JHS Morning Glory
JHS Angry Charlie
AnalogMan Mini Chorus
MXR Supercomp
MXR SmartGate
MXR 10-Band EQ
Ernie Ball VP Jr
Boss DD-20 Giga Delay
TC Electronics Hall Of Fame Reverb

I was first turned on to G7th capos about a year ago, and I fell in love with the design and simplicity of putting it on and taking it off of the guitar.  When I first played with it, I was shocked, because I never realized that what kind of capo you used could make a difference in the way a guitar sounds, but G7th allows chords to ring out longer and sound better than I ever imagined!  Feel free to contact me via my Facebook or Twitter to talk about my rig, or my music!

(NOTE: Yes, I'm aware that the sound quality of the video is terrible, but it's an example of the type of music I write.  And yes, it was in my pre-G7th days (let's refer to them as "the dark days" :)