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Mike Fenner

Name Mike Fenner
Genre Fingerstyle
Capo(s) used Performance 2, Newport
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Mike Fenner is a guitarist and lutenist from New Zealand. Early into his career as a guitarist he expressed great interest in finger-style guitar and artists such as Michael Hedges, Kaki King, and Preston Reed. This lead to Mike being accepted into the highSCORE special week in 2011, meaning he could travel to Italy to study with Kaki King and Giovanni Albini. This experience convinced Mike to commit to a career in music.

In the fall of 2012 Mike started his studies at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee where he is working towards a BFA in finger-style guitar Performance. Here Mike has studied under the leading authority in finger-style guitar, John Stropes, and the incredibly talented Andrew Lardner. During his studies Mike has worked hard and strived for excellence, improving drastically as a performer and a musician. He has had the chance to study with many of the world’s greatest guitarists such as: Pino Forastiere, Lucas Michailidis, Antione Dufour, Billy McLaughlin, Alex De Grassi, Ewan Dobson, Don Ross, and many more.

This broad training in finger-style guitar has developed Mike into a very diverse player, being able to perform music for many different situations. Mike has experience in teaching guitarists of all levels. He has helped teach a class of over 50 beginning guitar students with Dr. Beverly Belfer and worked with private students of varying levels. On top of this he has had experience tutoring music theory to students of all college levels.

Recently Mike discovered a passion for early music and started learning how to play the lute. This has helped him develop even more as a guitarist and an ensemble player/accompanist.