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Nahum Rivera

Name Nahum Rivera
Band3rd Generation/3ra Generación
Genre Gospel or Worship
Capo(s) used Performance 1
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Born in '96, started playing at 8 years old at our small church where we still play. My brother and I started a bilingual worship team called 3rd Generation, where I play lead guitar. By the grace of God we travel up and down California leading worship at several venues and we continue to strive to become the best we can possibly be with the goal of winning souls for the Kingdom of God through worship.

I've also played in Grammy-award-winning Long Beach Poly High jazz band. I've taken courses on classical music at Cal Poly Pomona, played Lead guitar with our International Council's band for the last 5 years straight. All-in-all played jazz, blues, salsa, cumbia, classical, reggae, merengue, bossa nova and contemporary music.

I've used other capos before but I find that they are very inconvenient. They require too much "motion" (placing it perfectly so it stays in tune, takes forever to switch when changing guitars, they break easily if pressed hard). The G7th Performance 1 has been a life changer. The design is perfect in switching between songs; I don't need to ask the director to wait for me so I can set up the capo anymore.