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Francois Vola

Name Francois Vola
BandFrancois Vola
Genre Bluegrass
Capo(s) used Performance 2
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Francois Vola is the godson of Louis Vola bassist with Django Reinhardt, Born in France, he moved to the US in 1974, stayed 25 years  and fell in love with Bluegrass music. Since 1998 he is back living in France playing bluegrass and some jazz, He made an album in 1987 "Francois Vola" with fiddler Byron berline (Rolling Stones,Stephen Still), another CD in 1996 "Old world new world" with mandolinist Emory Lester, and another CD in 1997 "a night in Conover" with Babik Reinhardt (son of Django).
While in the Us he played on stage with people like Tony Rice, DanCrary, Whyatt Rice, Bill Keith, David Grisman, Babik Reinhardt, Emory Lester, Roland White, Tony Williamson, Byron Berline etc.