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PJ Wright

Name PJ Wright
BandTradArrr, Fotheringay, The Dylan Project, 15 String Trio
Genre Folk
Capo(s) used Performance 2, Nashville, Newport, Performance 1
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I returned from California with broken dreams at the beginning of the '80s, joined The Steve Gibbons Band as an electric guitarist and slide player: in the 1990s I started some more acoustic, folkier projects: by 2000 I had become involved with the folk-rock band Little Johnny England and the Dylan Project in which I also play pedal steel guitar. I recorded a solo album of diverse styles, Hedge of Sound in 2006, formed the folk-rock big-band TradArrr last year and have just joined the reformed Fotheringay.
All my current bands, duos, solos and the 15 String Trio involve a certain amount of capo usage, both on acoustic and electric guitars.
I've been a Performance 1 fan since its launch and now am using the sleeker, lighter Mk 2, with a couple of acoustic songs using the "drop D" Newport Partial and I find the Nashville nifty on my Fenders!