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Philip Marino

Name Philip Marino
Genre Americana, Country, Folk, Singer - Songwriter
Capo(s) used Performance 2, Nashville
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Raised in a cornfield-surrounded suburb of Chicago, Illinois, Philip Marino brings the Midwestern values of honesty, authenticity, and persistence to his music and, he hopes, to his life. 
Currently based in Essex, England, Marino has played shows on many well-known stages from London to Norwich (and many places in between) since 2011 (e.g., The Islington, Proud Camden, The Harrison, The Monarch, Colchester Arts Centre, Live at Little Rabbit Barn, Cambridge Folk Club, John Peel Centre for Creative Arts). His songs have been played on radio stations around the world, including BBC radio throughout the United Kingdom. On his 3rd CD (‘Days Like These’ - released in 2017) Marino worked with platinum-selling producer and singer-songwriter Simone Felice (the producer for The Lumineers, Vance Joy, and Bat For Lashes) and with James Felice from the well-known American folk band The Felice Brothers
“Marino continues to show just why he's bubbling on the edge of a commercial breakthrough.” - Maverick Magazine
“A wonderfully cultured singer-songwriter, the likes of whom we need to lend more support. 8 out of 10.” - AmericanaUK
“Strong earthy vocals, with a searingly passionate approach to his austere soul searching songs. Honest music for dishonest times.” -Acoustic Magazine
“It’s unlikely you’ll come across Marino on well-travelled paths, but look for those musical sideroads and less beaten paths and seek him out. Chasing Ghosts is his best yet.” - Folk Radio
"Deft arrangements under warm, resonant vocals and guitar work, these are candid, soul-searching and celebratory declarations, sentimental and ultimately positive." - Rock Society Magazine