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Sarven Manguiat

Name Sarven Manguiat
Genre Rock
Capo(s) used Performance 2, Newport
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Sarven Manguiat is the guitarist/keyboardist/vocalist for GrooveSession. GrooveSession, based in Ontario, CA, is a power rock trio best known for definitive song writing and explosive live performances. Their sound is steeped in old school funk and irresistible soul, while bridging the ideals of classic and cutting-edge jam-rock. With over 950 performances, the positive energy of this barefoot band is infectious as they play each show like it could be their last. Driven by the brotherly bond of bassist, Ronnie Sanchez, and drummer/lead vocalist, Manny Sanchez, primal rhythmic force is the backbone of this trio. Sarven Manguiat slices through the thunder with licks both tasteful and innovative. From hair-raising, turbo-charged, electric propulsions to acoustic gems with three-part harmonies, their songs transmit elements of magic, emotional gravity and an undeniable call to the dance floor.

Sarven began playing piano at the age of 4 and picked up guitar at the age of 10. While rooted in blues and rock, his fluid style covers all genres taking influence from many greats, past and present. The G7th capo is an inspiring and essential tool to his approach to songwriting and performance.