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Kyle and Benjamin Sharp

Name Kyle and Benjamin Sharp
BandSharp Turn Ahead
Genre Rock
Capo(s) used Performance 1
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We are "Sharp Turn Ahead" up and coming songwriting and live performance acoustic pop duo.  Our names are Kyle and Benjamin Sharp,  and we are 15 year old twin brothers, originally from Austin, Texas, now living in Southern California.  Ever since taking the stage for our first ever show as "Sharp Turn Ahead" in May of 2012, we have played more than 110 shows and more than 300 hours of live music all around Southern California (from San Diego to L.A.), as well as a show in Las Vegas and at the House of Blues in Dallas.  We are young musicians, no doubt, but we are committed and are earning our stripes the old fashioned way...hard work, focus and playing as many shows on as many stages as we can find.

Keep your eyes on us...there's a Sharp Turn Ahead.