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Soenke Meinen

Name Soenke Meinen
Genre Classical or Flamenco, Fingerstyle, Folk
Capo(s) used Performance 2, Nashville
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With his music, in which he combines virtuoso fingerstyle guitar with influences from jazz, world- and classical music, Soenke Meinen has already acquired an outstanding reputation in the international guitar scene.

He won the first prize at the Guitar Masters competition in 2016 and got awarded at the Open Strings competition 2008 and the European Guitar Award in 2016 (sponsoring price). Besides that, he was granted a well-known scholarship (“Deutschlandstipendium“) in 2014 and only one year later he received the “eco-Musikförderpreis“, an art advancement award. In 2016 he was „Artesano Guitarist of the Year“.

Soenke Meinen was born in 1991 in Aurich/East Frisia. He started playing guitar at the age of eight and received lessons from guitarist Emile Joseph until 2007. Studying at the College of Music in Dresden where he works with the renowned musicians Thomas Fellow, Stephan Bormann and Reentko Dirks since 2011, Soenke Meinen can already look back on over 300 concerts in various projects.

In addition to his solo concerts Meinen also performs together with the guitarist Philipp Wiechert, Danish violin virtuoso Bjarke Falgren or jazz singer Anna-Lucia Rupp.

In addition to his musical work as a guitarist, he initiated the International Freepsum Guitar Festival which annually takes place since 2011. Meinen organizes the festival as one of the artistic directors in co-operation with the local registered association “Landkultur Freepsum e.V.“

Soenke Meinen's solo album „Perpetuum Mobile“ was released in August 2016 at Doctor Heart Music.