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Stanislav Pocaji

Name Stanislav Pocaji
Genre Americana
Capo(s) used Nashville, Newport, Newport
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"I want my guitar to sing, what I would to sing if I could to...."

"I want to play music, how Picasso has painted..."

Guitarplayer, composer and arranger born in Slovakia (Bratislava)

Performing solo, duo, with bands... 
Fingerstyle player improvising solo in groovy style, swing, or bossa nova. He is leader of the band Aftertee, where he has written most of the songs. Co-worked with Paul Wertico (US), Caroline Hitland (N), Chris Woods Groove (UK)

His music was performed in Norway, UK, Ireland ,USA, Netherland, Austria 

Influenced by music and attitude of Pat Metheny, Richard Bona, Esbjorn Svensson, Bobby McFerrin, Michael Hedges,  Doyle Dykes 

Endorsing Dowina guitars since 2012, G7th capos since 2015

Dowina Cabernet GAE + LR Baggs Anthem
Dowina Deni Santo (nylonstring) +LR Baggs Anthem
Crafter CT-125C/NT
Fender Stratocaster(USA)
Dowina Chardonnay CE (2005)